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Current Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellows

We invite applications from motivated candidates with experience in various fields, including marine biology, developmental biology, microbiology, and computational biology. Diverse research projects on evolutionary genomics and EvoDevo are available in various marine invertebrates, such as corals, acoels, brachiopods, and bryozoans. With your own research ideas and projects, we also support applications for competitive international fellowships. Please email a recent CV describing your background and research interests to Yi-Jyun. 

Several postdoctoral fellowships are available for those who would like to work at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Please check your eligibility and discuss your research plan with Yi-Jyun before applying.

Graduate Students (PhD or Master Program)

We have positions for graduate students who are interested in studying evolutionary genomics and EvoDevo. We encourage candidates to join our lab through the TIGP Biodiversity PhD Program. We also accept students from National Taiwan University. Please contact Yi-Jyun to learn more about the application process. 

Research Assistants

We offer scientific training for those who want to pursue a career in academia or industry. Research assistants would play an active role in the lab, have opportunities to participate in developed research projects, and be supported to attend international/domestic conferences and advanced research training. Please submit your application to Yi-Jyun.

Visiting Scholars

Our lab supports international and domestic collaborations. Taiwan's geological location, subtropical climate, and high biodiversity provide a unique environment to study diverse ecosystems, such as coral reefs and shallow-water hydrothermal vents. We offer opportunities for people who would like to visit our lab for a short-term scientific exchange.

Undergraduate Summer Interns and International Interns

We invite motivated undergraduates interested in marine biology, developmental biology, evolutionary biology, or computational biology to apply for a position in our lab. Our Center has a summer program offering stipends for those who want to pursue an internship. TIGP international internship is also available for those who have a graduate degree. Please email Yi-Jyun to learn more.