Current Lab Members

Yi-Jyun received his undergraduate degree from National Sun Yat-Sen University. His Ph.D. at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University focused on animal genome evolution. Following postdoctoral training in single-cell and evolutionary genomics at Harvard University and the University of Oxford, he joined the Biodiversity Research Center in 2022. He is passionate about studying the evolution and development of body plans, cell types, and genomes. He motivates people and organizes resources to support intellectual freedom in the lab. | CV | Twitter

Meng-Chen received her master's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the National Taiwan University. She is interested in the intersection between ecology and social science and has studied the ecology of moon jellyfish and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. In the Luo lab, she handles administrative work, helping everyone focus on science.

Isabel received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University where she studied mathematics and studio art. She is passionate about applying interdisciplinary techniques to improve scientific communication. At the Luo Lab, she hopes to broaden her horizons and connect her math background with her love for ecology. Isabel is also a fieldwork volunteer for the Society for Taiwan Amphibian Conservation where she studies the native amphibian population and removes invasive frogs. | Twitter

Mu-En obtained his master's degree in Entomology from the National Taiwan University, and his research interests lie in Myrmecology and the evolution of eusociality. His primary research focus has been on the red imported fire ant in Taiwan. As a rotation student, he is enthusiastic about exploring various research areas and expanding his expertise.

Elena received her master's degree in Neurobiology from the Sapienza University of Rome. Her Ph.D. in the Solana Lab at Oxford Brookes University explores nervous system evolution and development. She is drawn to the molecular mechanisms of regeneration and currently working on a functional and comparative study of stem and neural cells in planarians and several non-model animals. She was awarded the Company of Biologists Travelling Fellowship to work on the evolution of acoel cell types using single-cell transcriptomics in the Luo Lab.



Laura is major in Marine Biotechnology and Resources at National Sun Yat-sen University. She is interested in the interactions between microorganisms and marine creatures. She joined the lab in 2022 summer through the BRC Summer Internship Program.

Li-Jing is major in Microbiology at Soochow University, focusing on data analysis. She is interested in using bioinformatics to study the evolution of genomes. She joined the lab in 2022 summer through the BRC Summer Internship Program.

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