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Evolution and development of symbiosis, body plans, cell types, and genomes

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At the Biodiversity Research Center, our lab is dedicated to promoting diversity in science by cultivating diverse perspectives, original ideas, and curiosity-driven research in evolutionary biology. We are particularly interested in the evolution, developmental biology, and genomics of symbiosis in marine invertebrates. Using next-generation sequencing, single-cell genomics, and imaging, we use several marine species as our model systems to study the biodiversity and evolutionary origins of symbiosis. 

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我們特別感興趣的研究主題為海洋無脊椎動物與微生物共生關係的基因調控與演化。利用次世代定序、單細胞基因體、與顯微影像技術,我們建立珊瑚與無腔蟲作為共生的模式物種並與其他共生生物 (如海葵、水螅、海蛞蝓、硨磲貝等) 做演化發育生物學的比較研究,藉此探索共生生物多樣性與演化起源。




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The Symbiosis Genomics & Evolution Lab is part of the Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica.
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