Lab Photos

2024 Ecology Masterclass@Taiwan (EMT3) at ICOB Marine Research Station

Lab sampling trip in Magang

Magang intertidal zone on the northeast coast

Setup for coral physiology demonstration (from Fan lab)

Students running Nanopore sequencing

2022 Bioinformatics Workshop

Group photo

Setting up Linux working environment

Lecture on RNA-seq

Tutorial on Python basics

Visiting Xpark

Aquarium meeting room


Moon jellyfish

Jellyfish culture

Hunting Symsagittifera in the UK

Sampling trip to South Wales (with Solana lab)

Fontygary Bay

Newton Beach

"The mint-sauce worm" on the beach

Dense population


Culture in the lab

Under microscope (green algae live in animals)

Collecting Praesagittifera in Japan

Seto Inland Sea

Sandy beach in Mukaishima

Worm collection from sands

Close-up of culture in the lab

Biodiversity Research Center at Academia Sinica

Academia Sinica main gate

Academia Sinica main campus and surrounding subtropical forest

Interdisciplinary Research Building for Science and Technology (IRBST)

IRBST lounge area 

Lab corridor

Lab corner

Lab balcony

IRBST side entrance

Lab during renovation

Lab design

Office area dismantling (removal of cubicles)

PI office dismantling

Organization of lab benches


Wall repairing

Painting and coffee station

Open bookshelf

Lab before renovation 

Lab entrance

Lab benches

Office area

PI office

Core facilities and computing server

Zeiss LSM 980 confocal microscope with Airyscan 2 and multiphoton (at ICOB)

Leica Laser MicroDissection 7 (at ICOB)

FEI Titan Krios C3 cryo-EM (at ASCEM)

Dell PowerEdge R7525 (lab server)